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Know what to expect before you buy a home!

When buying a home, it is important to learn as much about the homes you are viewing , especially ones you really like. This way, you can know expectations up front when you decide to move forward with buying a particular home.

Knowing the age of home components can help youwithbudgeting for future updates and repairs . The following is a list of life expectancy of certain home components.Keep in mind that these figures are merely averages. If the seller of a particular property does not know how old a certain items is, a home inspector may be able to tell you.

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Appliances -

Gas Range - 15 yrs

Dryers/refrigerators-13 yrs

Dishwashers and Microwaves - 9 yrs

Compactors - 6 yrs

Countertops -

Natural Stone - lifetime

Cultured Marble - 20 years

Decks -

20 years, depending on climate

Doors -

Exterior fiberglass, steel and wood - will last as long as house stands

Vinyl doors - 20 years

Screen Doors - 40 years

French Doors - 30-50 years

Faucets and Fixtures -

Kitchen sinks - 50 years

Faucets - 15 years

Shower Doors - 20 years

Showerheads/toilets - lifetime

Flooring -

Wood, marble, slate and granite - 100 years

Vinyl Flooring - 50 years

Linoleum - 25 years

Carpet - 8-10 years

Garage Doors - 10-15 years

Home Technology -

Security Systems- 5-10 years

Heat and Smoke detectors- 5-10 years

Heating, Venting, and AC -

HVAC Systems- 15-20 years

Tankless water heaters - 20 years

Electric or gas water heaters - 10 years

Roofing -

Slate, Copper and clay/concrete - 50 years

Asphalt-shingle - 20 years

Fiber-cement shingles- 25 years

Wood shakes- 30 years

Siding and Accessories -

Brick, wood, stone, and fiber cement- last as long as the home

Exterior Wood shutters - 20 years

Copper Gutters- 50 years

Aluminum Gutters- 20 years

Copper downspouts- 100 years

Aluminum downspouts- 30 years

Windows -

Aluminum - 15-20 years

Wooden- up to 30 years

Source= Study by National Association of Home Builders . Life expectancies listed above are general guidelines only. They should not be interpreted as a representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the life expectancy or performance of any individual product or product line.

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