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How to prepare your home for sale

Many people have preconceived notions as to what home staging is. They think it is something they saw on HGTV and that it costs thousands of dollars. The truth is that home staging is simply preparing a home for sale, even a short sale. Many things that I recommend in my staging consultation are free or near free and involve little more than sweat equity.

The number one recommendation I make to every seller including Charlotte NC short sale seller's when they are getting ready to list their home for sale is CLEAN. I have written many articles on this very subject and I can tell you that nothing sells a home faster than CLEAN. Many sellers who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments and are in need of a short sale neglect to clean their property. It is almost as if they have given up and feel that it doesn't matter anyway. It matters, the goal in selling your Charlotte NC short sale is to sell it as fast as possible and for as much money as possible.CLEAN sells.

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The number two recommendation I make to every seller including Charlotte NC short sale seller's is DECLUTTER. There is a saying in home staying that goes, if you can't see if you can't sell it. Buyer's are buying square footage and they want to see what they are buying. If an offer came in today and it was accepted you would start packing so you could move on. I always recommend to every seller to pack now and remove as many items as I recommend. Have a yard sale, donate unwanted items to charity or post your items on craiglist so we can highlight your space and get the home sold.

The number three recommendation is COLOR. I know as a Charlotte NC short sale seller you probably do not have money to paint. However, you most likely have the leftover paint from when the house was painted. Use that paint to touch up scuff marks, repair any holes or damage in your drywall and paint. If you have enough leftover neutral paint use it to repaint rooms that may have bold paint colors. Ask your family if they have any leftover neutral paint if you don't.

The final recommendation is CURB APPEAL. Keep the lawn mowed, your hedges trimmed, if you need to touch up paint the exterior then do so. Many buyers make a decision to buy a house before they even get to the front door. CURB APPEAL is critical to getting your Charlotte NC short sale sold.

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